The highly successful institution of the Ministry of Culture “All Greece one culture“, one of the most important cultural events of the country, returns this summer with its fifth ambitious organization, giving new life to the unique setting of archaeological sites, monuments and museums in every corner of Greece. The rich and varied programme of events and activities of 2024, with the concept of Conflict as its central theme, will offer an unforgettable experience in ancient theatres, Byzantine museums, castles, fortresses, forts, holy monasteries, churches, mosques, mansions and prehistoric settlements.

For two whole months, from 1 July to 31 August 2024, the regional audience will have the rare opportunity to enjoy a programme consisting of 70 new productions of the highest quality which will be hosted in 68 archaeological sites, monuments and museums in 12 regions of Greece. The programme covers a wide range of fields of artistic expression with a total of 140 events of music (25), theatre (19), performances/activities for children and teenagers (9), dance (7), visual/performance art (6) and musical theatre (4). All events are offered free of charge by the Ministry of Culture. Pre-bookings for the events from 1 to 14 July start on Tuesday 25/6 via the new website of the institution:


1, 2 July

Journey to the Balkans for symphony orchestra, mixed choir and narrator
Music creation, editing by Yannis Bellonis
Ancient Theatre of Philippi, Kavala

Direction, set design, stage design: George Koutlis
Acherontas Necromancy, Preveza

Visual Arts / Performance
Biography of a software
Script, direction, prompt engineering: George Drivas

Pikionis Pavilion, Delphi, Greece

2, 3 July 

SOMNIA PACIS: Dreaming of peace
Conceived by Yannis Papatzanis, Andreas Paragioudakis, Katerina Adamara
Fortezza Rethymnon


3, 4 July

Visual Arts / Performance
Constellations that re-explode
Curator Eva Vaslamatzi.
Tavaniotis Mansion, Maroneia
Duration until 31/7


4, 5 July

Diati i milia den egine milea
Based on the short story of the same name by George Viziinos
Directed by Elissaios Vlachos
Lamia Castle


 5, 6 July

Conception, text editing, classical guitar: Korina Vougiouka
Original music composition: Tasos Rosopoulos
Messos Sanctuary of Lesvos


 6, 7 July

The language of shells
String Orchestra “Thanasis Tsipinakis” of the Municipality of Patras
Song: Thodoris Voutsikakis – Recitation: Marina Kalogirou
Ancient Dodoni Theatre, Ioannina

Performance / Action for children and teenagers
Some pieces of stone
Text composition: Eri Kyrgia
Directed by Sophia Vgenopoulou
Archaeological site Zoni, Alexandroupolis

8, 9 July

Renato Mordo: The Hours
Directed by Christos Lygas
Archaeological site of Avdira, Xanthi


9, 10 July

The Island of Miracles
Directed by: Thanasis Kritzakis, Dimitris Babilis
Dramaturgy: Team Aparamilon
Ancient Theatre of Samos (Wooden)


10, 11 July

Afternoon dances
Choreography: Dimitris Mytilineos
Archeological Museum of Nemea


11, 12 July

Three mahallas and a bazaar
Conception, musical arrangement, song/performance: Natasha Tsakiridou
Zincirli Mosque, Serres

I, Medea
Directed by: Gina Thliveri
Ottoman Mosque of Osman Shah (Qursum Mosque), Trikala

The world that stands among us
Text: Katerina Louvari Fasoei
Director: Pantelis Dentakis
Church of the Virgin Mary (Red Church), Vourgareli, Arta

12, 13 July


The path of tears
Direction, music, dramaturgy, intertextual composition by Violet Louise
Ancient Theatre of Aigira, Achaia

Performance / Action for children and teenagers
Last Hour: Gymnastics
Text, director: Danae Liodaki
Palamidi Fortress, Nafplion

13, 14 July

A bright elegy for Anthoula Stathopoulou
Directed by:Yannis Soldatos, Efi Venianaki
Center of Byzantine Culture – Byzantine Museum of Halkidiki


Karagiozis in 31 BC in Alexandria
Conception, curator: Fotini Papachatzi
Caricaturists: Athos Danellis, Spyros Angelopoulos
Roman Odeon of Nikopolis, Preveza

Performance / Action for children and teenagers
The journey of a note
Pianist, composer: Stavros Lantsias
Music teacher: Konstantina Christou
Konaki Prodromou, Karditsa

14, 15 July

Georgios Apergis, Alexis Retsis – With the participation of the artistic group DEN
Castle of Rio

Grandfather Whanganui: The true story of the river that became a man
Text, direction: Anthi Founta
The Holy Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Grevena

15, 16 July

In the Labyrinth: Testimonies and poems of imprisoned women
Director: Natasha-Fay Kosmidou
Archaeological site of Mantinea, Arcadia


16, 17 July

Here’s how it started
Based on the novel Journey to the End of the Night by Louis-Ferdinanne Céline
Directed by Victoria Fotas
Old Fortress of Corfu

18, 19 July

hot dark matter
Conception, choreography by Zoe Efstathiou
Nestor’s Palace, Pylos


Visual Arts / Performance
The River / Voicing Water
Christina Nakou / The river
Anna Pagalou / Voicing Water
Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Duration until 31/8


19, 20 July

Musical theatre
Sasma’s Itza or The Upside Down Dance
Text, director: Konstantinos Markellos
Ancient Theatre of Yitanes, Thesprotia

20, 21 July

Artificial trust
Music composition: Orestis Papaioannou
Conception, dramaturgy, libretto: Alekos Lountzis
Director: Alexandros Euclidis
Ancient Plevronas Theatre, Messolonghi


Visual Arts / Performance
Group exhibition
Co-curated by Sophia Zoitou, Maria Maneta, Sophia Elise Bouratsis
The holy monastery of Ursulines in Tinos
Duration until 21/8

Visual Arts / Performance
Visual artist: Jeff Wager, Savina Giannatou

Curator: Stefie Stouri

Archaeological site of Heraion Perachora, Corinthia
Duration of the exhibition: from 1 to 21/7


22, 23 July


Erini – Males
Artistic editing, singing: Erini
Roman Agora of Delphi

Direction, dramaturgy: Elektra Ellinikiotis
Ottoman Bath, Chios Castle

Visual Arts / Performance
George Zarkos: Three stones, a window and an imprisonment
Concept, direction: Aris Balis.
Patras Castle

24, 25 July

Performance / Action for children and teenagers
Lucky Luke is afraid
Text, direction:Taxiarchis Deligiannis, Vassilis Tsiuvaras
Archaeological site of ancient Europos, Kilkis

25, 26 July

Direction, dramaturgy: Thanasis Kritzakis
Music supervision, performance: Duo Hedi (Konstantinos Zigeridis, Anastasia Kotsali)
Archaeological Museum of Thebes


26, 27 July

Cloudcuckooing and tweeting
Michalis & Pantelis Kalogerakis, Tonia Girita Zacharatou
Roman Conservatory of Kos

27, 28 July

Ergon ensemble
Editing, composition, presentation of texts: paris mexis
Archaeological Museum of Chalkida “Arethusa”

The After Death: short stories by Alexandros Papadiamantis
Deaf Theatre Group “Crazy Colours”
Adapted, directed by Elli Mercouri
Ancient Theatre of Demetrias, Volos


30, 31 July

The Gadar’s booklet
Music composition:Natalia Kotsani, Tasos Kofodimos
Museum of Zakynthos

Musical theatre
Aristos and Fanis
Orchestra and Choir IONIA of Nea Ionia Volos
Ancient Theatre of Demetrias, Volos


31 July, 1 August

Et in Arcadia ego / I was in Arcadia too
Text, dramaturgy: Grigoris Liakopoulos
Directed by Thodoris Abazis
Ancient Theatre of Orchomenos Arcadia


Performance / Action for children and teenagers
The revolution of old toys
Based on the story of the same name by Christos Boulotis
Directed by Sophia Palantz
Prehistoric settlement of Myrina Lemnos


1, 2 August

The interrogation
Based on Sophocles’ Ajax
Directed by: Zoe Xanthopoulou
Trikala Castle


2, 3 August

PROMETHEUS 2024 (unbound bodies)
Conception, choreography: Spyros Kouvaras
Ancient Olympia High School



4, 5 August

What kind of team are you, man?
Directed by Yannis Mavropoulos
Ancient Theatre of Larissa

5, 6 August


Dagipoli Dance Co Group
Conception, choreography: Yorgos Christakis
Museum of Byzantine Culture of Thessaloniki

6, 7 August

Iphigenia of the Taurus
Text, director: Christoforos Christofis
Eptapyrgio, Thessaloniki


8, 9 August

The War of the Romantics
Piano: George Emmanuel Lazaridis
Dancing: Theano Xydia, Natalia Baka
Tower of Bazaios, Naxos

Performance / Action for children and teenagers
A thousand reasons to fight
Theatrical group Tick Tock Do
Writing, directing: Argyro Tamvakou
Byzantine Museum of Veria

9, 10 August

Antigone Project
Artistic direction: Eleni Demopoulou
Director: Sophia Antoniou
Archaeological Museum of Aiani, Kozani

Musical theatre
Visual artist: George Kordis – Dramatic composition, direction: Fenia Papadodima
Fortification complex of Troupakis – Mourtzines, old Kardamyli

12, 13 August

La tarantata
Musical band Encardia
Archontiko Tsiatsiyapa, Kastoria

The dance of death
Conception, choreography: Iris Karayan
Ancient Theatre of Gytheion

17, 18 August

Musical theatre
Tarot of Ulysses
Conception, artistic direction: Katerina Foteinaki

Ancient Theatre of Milos

19, 20 August

The wondrous story of Hor-hor Agha
Composition: Apostolis Koutsogiannis – Lyrics: Marios Hatziprokopiou
Directed by Thanasis Kritsakis
The Islahane Cultural Centre, Thessaloniki

20, 21 August

Abagar Quartet, Isocrates, Lot Kurbeti
Hellenistic theatre in Dion, Pieria

Mortissa and Alanis
Music by Eugene Voulgaris
Song: Theodora Baka
Ancient Aptera Theatre, Chania

Performance / Action for children and teenagers
Rob & Crewe
Directed by: Sofia Paschou
Mytilene Castle


21, 22 August

Music group in excelsis
Archaeological Museum of Eretria


22, 23 August

Performance / Action for children and teenagers
The art of war
Text, direction:Konstantinos Thanos, Alkmeni Kalogirou
Xenokrateio Archaeological Museum of Messolonghi.

23, 24 August

Touching Faultlines
Choreography: Ermira Goro
Gortyna Conservatory, Crete


24, 25 August

Song on earth
Idea, dramaturgy: Giorgos Ziavras, Sophia Paschou
Agios Achilleios of Prespes

A cocktail on the house from tourism workers
Directed by George Pavlou
Agios Georgios Castle, Argostoli, Kefalonia

Performance / Action for children and teenagers
When the statues left
Based on the novel of the same name by Angeliki Darlasi
Directed by Christos Christopoulos
Archaeological site of Corinth

26, 27 August

Heartbreak: a narrative about mourning
Direction, text: Nikos Manesis

Byzantine Museum of Argolida, Argos

Across time
Die Wolke Art Group
Eptapyrgion, Thessaloniki

27, 28 August

Erotokritos in the Labyrinth
Artistic Director: Ross Daly
Kazarma Fortress of Sitia


29, 30 August

Snow Whites
Music: Stathis Gyftakis
Conception, narration, dramaturgy: Christina Demiza, Lilly Triantari

Ancient Messini Theatre, Messinia

30, 31 August

Swirls in the Aegean Sea
Socrates Sinopoulos, Vassilis Kostas
Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Lucretia, a musical-theatrical narrative
Conception, dramaturgical and musical editing: Fani Vovoni
Translation, dramaturgical supervision: Lenia Zafeiropoulou
Archaeological Museum of Heraklion


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