The Tai Chi Chuan Workshop of the Philoproοdis Union of Xanthi organizes and invites you to:

The 5th International Tai Chi Chuan Festival entitled ‘Democritus the Abderite’

Philosophy  – the language of culture between West and East

For the fifth consecutive year, we welcome you to our Festival.

The festival is an international meeting with the participation of Tai Chi instructors and friends from Europen and the Balkans with the purpose of training, exchange of experience and knowledge in Chinese kinetics.

martial art as well as its exploration through Philosophy with an approach to the work of Democritus Abderite. We will explore the work of the great Greek philosopher Democritus and attempt to study it in comparison with the work of the Chinese philosophers and try to formulate philosophical questions and

considerations of our world. Scientific lectures provide important information and knowledge that the value and benefits of these practices based on international scientific research.

The three-day festival will be held in the grounds and outdoor facilities of the Hotel ‘AGRIANI’ in Xanthi from 24 to 26 June 2022 starting on Friday morning and ending on Sunday afternoon.

The program of our Festival this year is enriched by the presence of 7 teachers and includes besides the practical part with seminars in Tai Chi and Chi Gong, lectures in science and philosophy.

The opening ceremony is Thursday 23/06 at 18.00 and this year we have a pre-festival programme of the same evening with a refereeing seminar at Tai Chi at 18.30. The highlight of the event is the closing ceremony and the Gala on Sunday 26/06 at 19.30 in the evening with a rich program of presentations and Tai Tai demonstrations.

Chi by our guests, in which we will be happy to have you with us.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and donor friends who support our event every time and are our driving force!

Many thanks to the volunteers who will staff the event for their support in the activities


Thank you to our Coordinating Committee members for their contribution, the FEX Board and all the Board members.

of the FEX for supporting us in this effort.

The program, registration and all information can be consulted on the website of the Festival


Those who wish and are interested to learn about Tai Chi or to deepen their knowledge are kindly requested to

contact the organizer Mrs. Chatzipanagioti Emi at tel. 6977560795.

Philoprodi Union of Xanthi /Cultural Network of Xanthi

XANTHE HISTORICAL LAGRAPHIC MUSEUM OF XANTHE Antika 7, 67132 Xanthi Tel.: 25410 25421

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