On August 27 and September 14 and 23, the 2023 Elefsis European Capital of Culture presents Mystery 67 AmoliDemeter and agricultural cultivation in the post-industrial Thriasian Field, in Elefsina and Aspropyrgos respectively. A project by the researcher, visual and performance artist Emilia Bouritis and the artistic platform “Syn+Ergasia” that focuses on creating a network and exchanges between the rural communities of the region.

Amoli” for the farmers of Aspropyrgos means the water channel that irrigates the agricultural crops. Mystery 67 Amoli includes, among other things, a walking tour of the farms, participation of the public in agricultural work, such as harvesting peanuts and planting fruit and vegetables, storytelling, traditional music, Albanian songs, performance, visual installation, screenings, presentation of the documentary “100 years of agriculture life in Aspropyrgos” as well as a meeting between the rural communities of the Thriasian Field. The avtivities conclude with the presentation by researchers of the Laboratory of Soft Energy Applications and Environmental Protection regarding the issues of the energy transition in rural communities and the challenges of water use for the farmers of the Thriasian field.

It is a multifaceted reference to the rural Goddess Demeter, the patroness of agriculture, who despite the different stages of development of the Thriasian Field never left it. It is alive not as a myth but as a reality since the plain has been systematically cultivated since ancient times until today. The crucial message of the work is that food and the connection of man with the earth is a timeless element not only of survival but also of cultural heritage. An element that must be preserved and have its protected space in the ever-changing Thriasian Field.

Using modern art, participation, experiential knowledge and science as tools, Mystery 67 Amoli approaches the rural communities of the two cities, Elefsina and Aspropyrgos, unfolding their cultural heritage, transforming the rural landscape into a field of new possibilities.

With the Participation of: Αrvanites of the Thriasian Field, Aspropyrgos Agricultural Association and its members, artists, scientists, farmers, theorists, the local community and the wider public.



Date: Sunday 27 August
Time: 18.00 – 22.30

Location: Adam Argiriou’s peanut farm

(Stratos Fragkos Street, near Airport-Elefsina)

Singing the Arvanitian women: Aikaterini Peppa, Georgia Kriekouki, Dimitra Sterpi, the Vassileios Farmakis family and from the Magoula Women’s Association Spuridoula Panagopoulou, Uranya Liggou & Marika Gkogkou


Date: Thursday 14 September

Time: 8.00  – 10.00

Location: Holy Church of Aghios Dimitrios in Aspropyrgos

“A wish for agricultural seeds”, ritual offering by Emilia Bouritis and the Agricultural Association of Aspropyrgos

Date: Saturday 23 September

Time: 18:00 – 22.30

Locations: Vangelis Mouzakas’ fruit and vegetable farm
Agia Marina Church (Agia Marina and Konstantinos Karamanlis Street – Aspropyrgos)

Singing the Arvanitian Women: Mary Avraam, Eleni Darra, Katerina Ilia, Maria Kapsala, Koula Liosi, Spyridoula Mouzaka, Maria Mylona, Vassiliki Nasou, Kaiti Neroutsou, Katina Neroutsou & Fani Papada

Useful Information

Transportation for the spectators: Electric Bus from the Laboratory of Soft Energy Applications and Environmental Protection

Starting from the Town Halls of Elefsina & Aspropyrgos.

Photography, video recording and recording of the performances are not allowed.


Emilia Bouritis, Inspirer of the “AMOLI” idea, Director, Visual Artist, Performance Artist, Responsible for Cultural and Social Planning – Researcher of participatory actions

Panagiotis Ktenidis, Researcher – Coordinator of Actions connecting Culture, Energy, Sustainable Resilience of Rural Communities and the challenges of water use for the farmers of the Triassian field

Andromache Economou, Scientific Associate, Research consultant

Bia Papadopoulou, Exhibition Curator – Art Historian

Despoina Savvopoulou, Text editor – Journalist, Theatreologist

Panos Vittorakis,Cameraman, Director

Harrys Karoutsos & Christos Megarchiotis, Cameramen, Editors

Voula Andronis, Responsible for organizing & executing production – Photographer

Ioannis Stamou, A traditional clarinet player

Tasos Fotiou, Music teacher, musician, performer, music editor

Konstantinos Meretakis, Musical performance (Davul).

Organization and execution of production: Artistic Platform “Syn+Ergasia”

Mysterio 67 Amoli is implemented in collaboration with the Laboratory of Soft Energy Applications and Environmental Protection of the University of Western Attica and the Agricultural Association of Aspropyrgos.

Under the auspices and support of the Directorate of Newer Cultural Heritage, Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Intercultural Issues, of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Organized by 2023 Eleusis Cultural Capital of Europe

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