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In partnership with the HALC (Hellenic American Leadership Council), College Year in Athens announces the formation of the CYA Hellenic Executive Program.

Commemorating the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution, CYA Hellenic Executive Program will offer a six-week, one-hour seminar on the Emergence of the Modern Greek State.

The seminar, taught by Professor Alexander Kitroeff, follows the evolution of Greece from the eve of the revolution through the consolidation of the modern state in 1862. The program meets once a week, every Saturday at 12 noon EDT, for six consecutive weeks in a synchronous online teaching environment.

The Emergence of the Modern Greek State

22 May – 26 June 2021

The seminar opens by examining the Greek speaking world on the eve of the 1821 and the local and international causes of the revolution, and then proceeds by focusing on the early successful phase of the uprising through 1824; the setbacks caused by internal strife and the threat posed by the overwhelming Ottoman Egyptian counterattack; the pivotal role the fall of the town of Messolonghi plays in increasing philhellenic support in Europe and America; the naval battle of Navarino in 1927, Greek freedom and the first attempt at statebuilding under Ioannis Capodistrias; and King Otto’s reign between his arrival in 1832 and his exile in 1862, an era of statebuilding that was marked by the adoption of a democratic constitution, a definition of Greekness based on language and religion, and the adoption of the “Great Idea”, the vision of incorporating within Greece’s borders all adjacent lands considered historically Greek.

The seminar is structured chronologically, but within each phase of the trajectory it follows, it adopts a wide lense and addresses the major domestic and international influences on Greek politics as well as the process of the cultural and social growth on Modern Greece.

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