Interdepartmental Postgraduate Studies Program

Languages, Communication and Management of Educational Services in modern social, economicand technological environment


Scientific Discipline
Language Teaching, Educational Language Technology and Administration of Education Services

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


3 semesters

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The MSc “Languages, Communication and Management of Educational Services in the modern social, economic and technological environment” is organized by the Department of French Language and Literature of the School of Philosophy of AUTH, in cooperation with the Departments of German Language and Literature, Philosophy and Pedagogy of the School of Philosophy and Εconomics of the School of Economics and Political Sciences ofAUTH.

The subject of the MSc is the development of research in the scientific fields of Language Teaching, Educational Language Technology, and Administration of Education Services, as well as the training of scientific personnel that will be able to meet existing and foreseen social and developmental needs of the labor market.

Duration and cost:

The language of instruction is Greek. The duration for the award of the Postgraduate Diploma of Specialization is set in three semesters of study while the Postgraduate Diploma thesis is mandatory.

Tuition fees are 2100 euros in total. Up to 30% of the participants and depending on the financial criteria described in the law (4485/2017) may be awarded a full scholarship for the duration of the program.

Structure of the curriculum:      

The program lasts 3 semesters. The first semester includes 5 courses common to both specializations. The second 1 common course and 3 courses of direction, and the third, is one course for each specialization and thesis.

The program offers 2 specializations:

– The first deals with teaching issues of Foreign Languages/Cultures, Multilingualism, and modern educational technologies and

– The second is on issues of European and National Language Education policy and on issues of Administration of Education Services, especially in multicultural environments.

With these two specializations, we believe that our goals are supported, which are research, but also the education/training of specialized scientists and teachers in the developments in the field of teaching languages and cultures and the utilization of technologies in Language Teaching, as well as in the issues of the administration of educational units and education services.

Admission procedure:

Graduates of all departments of universities and higher technological institutes of Greece or recognized departments abroad are admitted to the program.

The evaluation process is based on the following:

In the memorandum describing objectives that the candidate submits and in which he explains the reasons why he wants to take part in the program, his motives, and goals.

The interview, and

– Taking into account the criteria and formal qualifications mentioned in law 4485/2017 (details in the regulation posted on the site).