Title: MSc in Sustainable Design of Architectural Space


Scientific Discipline:
Architecture, Environment

University of West Attica


3 semesters

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The purpose of the re-establishment of the Postgraduate Studies Programme (M.Sc.) of the Department of Interior Architecture of the University of West Attica entitled: “Sustainable Design of Architectural Space” is for the holders of the relevant Postgraduate Diploma (MSc) to possess the current appropriate and sufficient high-level general and special scientific/technical knowledge and skills, related to the field of Sustainable Design, as well as a high-level ability to continuously investigate international developments in this field. Sustainable Design internationally is a cutting-edge field as a planning parameter at all spatial scales and encompasses the economic, environmental, social and cultural dimensions of this subject.

A key feature of the Programme is its interdisciplinarity. The proposed Programme concerns an interdisciplinary field of knowledge, absolutely essential for the specialisation of the creators of the space in which human civilisation is shaped and unfolds at international level today. Globalisation, as the intercultural dispersion of people, ideas, languages, cultural habits and creations, is of course linked to issues of identity and difference in the sense of ecology, and is founded on both political and technological aspects of contemporary civilisation.

At the same time, Interior Architecture, as an intervention and shaping of external and internal environments, has acquired a very important role in contemporary culture, because it concerns to a significant extent the cultural and technological reconfiguration of contemporary urban environments, which very hardly have empty space to incorporate completely new architectural constructions, while on the other hand, the role of the free “internal” spaces of the city has been upgraded. In order to respond to this complex and multifaceted role, Interior Architecture constitutes an interdisciplinary field that is constantly evolving at an international level with the concept of Sustainability in common.

The Department of Interior Architecture of the Univerisyt of West Attica, as an exponent of academic and research education in the field of intervention and shaping of space in interior and exterior architectural environments, (a) following the developments in the fields of science, technology and art, (b) producing original research work, (c) exploring and initiating innovative methods and practices, undertakes with the present project the further education of graduates of interior architects and graduates of universities of related subjects. The Department does not organise any other Postgraduate Studies Programme.

The language of instruction is Greek. Given the possibility of inviting foreign scientists of recognised value, it is envisaged that individual lectures may be taught in English. Following a decision of the General Assembly, it may be possible in the course of the programme to offer lectures in English as well.

In the following link you will find the Government Gazette Issue B 05906/21.11.22 for the re-establishment and operation of the MSc.

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