Title: MSc in Forests, woodlands, and protected areas Inventory and Monitoring


Scientific Discipline:

Democritus University of Thrace

Language of Instruction:

2 semesters

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Τhe Democritus University of Thrace’s Postgraduate Studies Program (PSP) of the Department of Forestry and Management of Environment and Natural Resources «Forests, woodlands, and protected areas Inventory and Monitoring» aims to offer advanced education and research in this specific specialization.

The PSP provides an exciting opportunity for comprehensive training and the promotion of scientific and professional skills. The program typically lasts two semesters and includes an intensive summer program.

For students who are working, part-time study options allow them to customize the PSP’s duration; additionally, studies may be suspended.

Students who successfully complete the program receive an accredited Master’s Degree (Master of Science – MSc).

Since this program is housed within a public university, it is able to provide a postgraduate degree that is recognized both nationally and internationally, as well as in accordance with European standards, including the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and the European Higher Education Area.

To obtain a master’s degree, one must complete seventy-five (75) ECTS.

As per the National and European Qualifications Framework, the degree granted to our graduates is at level seven (7).

Students can join some lectures from home using MSTeams, a modern platform for distance learning.

The traineeship, as an essential component of the PSP structure, provides students with the chance to apply academic knowledge in real-world working situations. Our graduates receive training to actively participate in the inventory, monitoring, and management of forest resources and protected areas, with a greater focus on hands-on experience and integrated education.

The entire cost of tuition is 1,800.00 €.

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