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Democritus University of Thrace

Greek and English

2 semesters

New call for applications :
September 2021

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Postgraduate Program in Bioethics


The Postgraduate Program of the Department of Medicine aims to foster and systematically promote scientific knowledge and research in the field of Bioethics. Education and specialized knowledge are provided on various dimensions of individual problems relating to the practice of medicine, biomedical research and biotechnological applications, with the goal of producing academic work in these areas.

The program provides the opportunity for specialization and the creation of prospects for scientists, for the staffing of Research Ethics & Deontology Committees in both public and private Bodies and Institutions, in Greece and abroad. A carefully designed program of courses and lectures has been created, with the validity of the Department of Medicine of DUTH along with distinguished lecturers, scientists and academics experienced in bioethics from our country and abroad.

The main language of teaching and of the elaboration of the diploma thesis is Greek, while part of the lectures may be given by foreign lecturers in English.

Subject matters of the study program include:

  • Bioethics and legal concerns
  • Reproductive autonomy and moral responsibility
  • Bioethics and personality rights
  • Moral dilemmas in medical practice
  • Approaches of ethics-deontology and theology
  • Moral philosophy and new Medicine
  • Bioethical and Medical Mediation
  • Biological achievements and Bioethics
  • Medical Law, Medical Ethics and Bioethics

The Program accepts graduates of Schools of Health Sciences, Law and Political Science and Theology, from Universities of the country and abroad (universities recognized by DOATAP as having an educational level equivalent to that of Greek universities). Graduates of Departments of Humanities, Social Sciences, as well as Exact Sciences from domestic and recognized foreign universities are also accepted. Lastly, graduates of domestic Technological Institutions can be accepted, if the subject of their undergraduate studies is adequately related to the subject of the postgraduate program.

Tuition fees: 2000€

Tel. 25510 30548