Title: Energy Technologies and Sustainable Design

Scientific discipline:

Environment, Energy

Polytechnic School
University of Cyprus


Duration: 4 semesters (MSc) / 3 semesters (MEng)

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General Information

The Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme «Energy Technologies and Sustainable Design» (IPP-ETSD) offers specialization in the discipline of Energy Technologies within the frame of Sustainable Design. The interdisciplinary nature of the Master’s Program gives the opportunity to students to come into contact with subjects from a wide range of scientific backgrounds and work with fellow students of different disciplines to develop synergies and complementarities for achieving common objectives. Graduates of the program can thus gain a more comprehensive and multidisciplinary training in such a diverse subject area such as Energy.

Feasibility and Goals

The key objectives of the IPP-ETSD program of the Faculty of Engineering are:

  • the proper preparation of the engineering-scientists graduates so that they can successfully address current energy challenges and demands, both nationally and internationally, and
  • the acquisition of a unified interdisciplinary scientific training and understanding in a wide range of energy topics, through the framework of sustainable design.

Through the versatile education offered to students, the concept of Energy itself as well as its storage, distribution and utilization is studied in a way that is consistent with modern concepts of sustainability and energy saving.

Moreover, students have the opportunity to work as members of a multidisciplinary team for the development of a complex large-scale project that requires multidisciplinary collaboration, reflecting the background of the four participating Departments of the Faculty of Engineering. This activity will help students to obtain a common background necessary for the implementation of the projects in real conditions, in which, knowledge of basic principles relating to all disciplines is necessary. Furthermore, the perception of teamwork and holistic view of a project is cultivated, in order to achieve the greatest possible synergies in sustainable design and energy efficiency.

Collaborating Departments

The IPP-ETSD is offered by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Cyprus since September 2010. In this postgraduate program all the Departments of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Cyprus are involved (in alphabetical order):

Department of Architecture (ARCH)

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (MEE):

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE):