Title: MSc Digital Marketing


Scinetific Discipline:
Marketing & Informatics

International Hellenic University


3 semesters


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Submit applications by October 15, 2022


The objective of the Master’s Programme is the advancement of scientific knowledge in the subject of Digital Marketing and it is provided to the scientists who have graduated in a relevant subject. The Programme provides a strong foundation in theory and research.

In our global business world the use of new digital technologies in the promotion of products and services deemed necessary. As Digital Marketing yields more benefits in relation to the traditional marketing methods, businesses change their action plans including Digital Marketing in their marketing strategy.

In our modern digital era, the Internet of Things technology has been established as a system of interconnected devices (tablets, smart phones, household appliances, monitoring systems, computers, e.t.c.) which can communicate with each other using the internet. Digital Marketing has become increasingly important and can help business thrive using the interconnected environment to enter into the daily life and maximise the prospects of a marketing campaign.

The interdisciplinary subject of Digital Marketing connects the traditional Marketing science and Informatics. The implementation of marketing strategies includes not only the use of IT tools but also the development of new marketing methods which are designed to be effective in the environment of digital world and also can be applied in a special way at any time through the Informatics and the application of computational models.

The implementation of hybrid marketing techniques enables the companies to gain the lasting recognition of the alternative roles of traditional and Digital marketing adding on them the competitive advantage of their customers’ active participation in the customization of the promotional strategies they apply.

The MSc programme in Digital Marketing is the only in Greece that its subject is purely the Digital Marketing. The programme is offered 100% through synchronous distance learning technologies and 25% through asynchronous distance learning technologies. It is delivered by the Management Science and Technology Department of the International Hellenic University located in Kavala, Greece.

The programme aims to develop scientists who:

  • They will comprehend the basic principles of traditional and Digital Marketing as well as the design tools.
  • They will be specialised in technological platforms and tools that can be used for the implementation of digital marketing practices.
  • They will be able to develop new methodologies, techniques and procedures in the scientific subject of Digital Marketing.
  • They will have acquired skills that will upgrade their creative potentiality and improve their ability to work independently developing advanced innovative results.

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