Title: Conservation and Restoration of Historic Buildings and Sites

Scientific discipline:

University of Cyprus

Greek & English

4 semesters

Submission deadline:
9th May 2022

The Postgraduate Master’s Program ‘Conservation and Restoration of Historic Buildings and Sites’ is the outcome of the co-operation between three Departments and two Faculties of the University of Cyprus: Τhe Department of Architecture (Faculty of Engineering), the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Faculty of Engineering), and the Department of History and Archaeology (Faculty of Letters). It is addressed to various career sectors and professions, such as, for instance, Architects, Civil Engineers, Archaeologists, Geologists, Chemical Engineers, Conservators and other relevant expertise, and is aimed at the specialization of the students in matters of conservation and restoration.

The interdisciplinary character of this Program is one of its principal characteristics. This is ensured through a series of courses, organised by all three associated Departments and their qualified academic personnel, each one offering his/her experience and specialised knowledge within the same framework of research and conservation of architectural monuments. Τhe Program provides the students with novel knowledge, and with the opportunity to get accustomed with a variety of different subjects from a wide range of scientific backgrounds, and to co-operate in common, interdisciplinary acts, in a theoretical as well as a practical level. In this way, they will be able to adopt innovative concepts, ideas, technologies and methods in their practice, and to accept interdisciplinary collaborations for a comprehensive approach and efficient solving of problems presented during the conservation, restoration and promotion of the architectural cultural heritage. The Program also provides the opportunity for training in specialized, up-to-date labs for the analysis of materials, that are operated by the three associated Departments. In sum, the Program offers the possibility and opportunity for an effective communication and co-operation between scientists and scholars from at least three different disciplines.

The program aims at qualified graduates who are ready to be actively involved in the restoration and conservation of historic buildings and sites. The academic objectives of the program entail high-level graduate teaching, as well as practical application of the knowledge gained by students in case studies; this guarantees the all-encompassing and interdisciplinary approach of the restoration and conservation of historic buildings and sites by the program graduates. At the same time, the program aims at advancing and enhancing current research and methodology in the fields of restoration and conservation.

The graduates of the MSc in Conservation and Restoration of Historic Buildings and Sites can be employed in relevant specialised jobs in the public and private sector. Furthermore, they will be able to provide consulting services in high-profile conservation and restoration projects.

Τhe Program is taught in Greek and in English.

Applications for this program for the Winter Semester of each year must be submitted until the 31st of March of the same year. For more information, please consult https://www.ucy.ac.cy/graduateschool/el/admissions/postgraduate-programmes-places and https://www.ucy.ac.cy/publications/documents/Ekdoseispdf/Prospectuses/Postgr.Gr.21-23_sm.pdf. Those interested can contact the members of the co-ordinating committee of the Program, Prof. I. Ioannou (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; [email protected]), Assoc. Prof. G. Papasavvas (Department of History and Archaeology; [email protected]), and Assoc. Prof. M. Philokyprou (Department of Architecture; [email protected]), or with the School of Graduate Studies of the University of Cyprus (https://www.ucy.ac.cy/graduateschool/el/contact-us).