As part of the events to celebrate the commemoration of the Three Hierarchs,

the Dean of the Ionian University Professor Andreas Floros

invites all interested parties to the lecture

of the Associate Professor of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University

Renata Dalianoudi


“The Contribution of the Three Hierarchs to Letters and Education. The relationship between scholarship and tradition”

The lecture will take place in the ceremonial hall of the Ionian Academy

on Tuesday 30 January 2024, at 19.00

A concert by the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University will follow

Concert Program

♪ Grigoria Papageorgiou (Violin)
Capriccio no. 13 – Nicholo Paghanini

♪ Christos Chatzinathail (Cello)
Α) Suite for solo cello – Α.Papadimitriou
Ι) Prelude
ΙΙ) Nochturne
Β) Three rhetoric questions for solo cello – D. Papikas
Ι) Pan’s Flute

♪ Victoria Karapetian (violin)
Chaconne, partita no.2 – Johann Sebastian Bach

♪ Elpida Zavitsanou (soprano), Marilena Eloyl (piano)
Α} Noch sind die Tage der Rosen, Op.24, no.1, W. Baumgartner
B) Fruhlingslied, Op.47, no.3, F. Mendelssohn
Γ) Notre Amour (Trois Melodies, Op.23, no.2)
Δ) Nuit d’etoiles, C.Debussy

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