The Steering Committee of the Hellenic Open University in its 552/27.05.2022 meeting, following the recommendation of its President, Professor Odysseus – Ioannis Zora, unanimously decided to approve the full financial exemption from the cost of studies for all students over 70 years of age. The reason for this decision was the e-mail of Mrs. Alexandra Antonatou, a postgraduate student of the EAP, who expressed the objective difficulty of meeting the financial obligations of the over-aged students towards the Foundation.

The President of the Steering Committee of the Hellenic Open University, Professor Odysseas – Ioannis Zoras met in person at the main premises of the Foundation in Patras with the student Ms. Alexandra Antonatou, announcing the decision of the Steering Committee and the limitations of the decision. “The need for my personal development appeared just at the moment I discovered that I had fulfilled my obligations as a worker, as a mother and as a grandmother. It was a moment when studying and being able to study at a university like the Hellenic Open University gave me a motivation to continue to be an active citizen and creative person” said Mrs Antonatou, whose article and interview will be published in the monthly newspaper of the Hellenic Open University in its next issue.

The Hellenic Open University, recognizing that old age is a sensitive social issue of particular importance, which requires care and support mechanisms, has decided to contribute socially in this context by covering and ensuring learning support for those who seek it.

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