Scientific Discipline:
Hydraulic Engineering and the Environment

Democritus University of Thrace


2 semesters


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The aim of the program is: (a) The high-level postgraduate education, research, and specialization for the production of new knowledge in modern fields of Hydraulic Engineering and the Environment, (b) The promotion of scientific research conducted internationally in this field of Civil Engineering, (c) The creation of scientists – researchers who will have the background and the necessary knowledge for the production of independent and original scientific research and for the offer of specialized work. (d) To more effectively address the needs of the country in technical Civil Engineering projects in relation to hydraulic engineering and the environment, by producing specialized graduates with techniques and skills related to the planning and implementation of hydraulic, hydropower, port, and coastal projects and projects of water resources management.

There are three (3) Study Specializations.

  • The Specialization “Hydraulic Projects and Environment” aims to specialize students in the design, study, construction, maintenance, and repair of Hydraulics Projects with a strong environmental character.
  • The Specialization “Management of Water Resources and Natural Disasters” aims to specialize students in the design, study, construction, maintenance and repair of Hydraulic Projects, related to the management of water resources, the hydrology of surface and underground waters, land improvement, hydrodynamic, anti-flood projects, soft forms of energy, natural disaster management.
  • The Specialization “Marine Projects and Environment” aims to specialize students in the design, study, construction, maintenance, and repair of port projects, coastal protection and coastal zone management projects, the static and dynamic analysis of marine structures, the management and shaping land area of ports and marinas.


In this Master program can be accepted graduates or diploma holders of all University Departments and Schools and Technical Universities of a related subject, holders of a 5-year or 4-year study degree of Greek Universities or recognized equivalent foreign Universities.


The duration for the awarding of the Postgraduate Studies Diploma is defined in two (2) semesters and in the summer period (intensive program). The total number of credits (ECTS) required to obtain the Master’s diploma is 75 ECTS. For the awarding of the Graduate Diploma, attendance and a successful examination in a total of ten (10) six-month courses, each corresponding to in six (6) ECTS, as well as preparation and successful evaluation of the Diploma Thesis, which corresponds to fifteen (15) ECTS. The lectures take place entirely remotely in the evenings. The total fees for the MSc amount to €1,200.00.


Professor Panagiotis Angelidis

Email: [email protected]

Director of Master Program

Mrs. Olga Havra

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 2541079026

Head of Postgraduate Studies Support of the Civil Engineering Department

Mrs. Tania Lampridou

Secretariat Master Program

Email: [email protected]

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