Postgraduate Program of the University of Piraeus

25% of our country’S GDP comes from activities related to shipping, tourism and what refers to the “Μaritime Economy”.

This increasingly demanding market needs executives with the necessary expertise.

Our intensive, one-year Postgraduate Program, fills a significant gap in the training of port workers and those who aim to work in the wider cluster of the port and coastal industry, creating highly trained executives with specialized knowledge and professional skills, in sectors with rapid growth.

The Program provides a modern interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary view of the different forms of the port industry and related infrastructure, as a lever of the national economy and territorial cohesion, but also as a model of development with complex characteristics.

Graduates of the MSc are expected to have acquired extensive and in-depth knowledge of the theory that helps them to creatively process the general problems that arise in the wider sector, to have consolidated the necessary practical, empirical knowledge and skills and to be able to staff companies, organizations and bodies organizing and producing port services as well as the coastal economy, the public and private sector, covering the increased needs for specialized training in these sectors.

The application period starts on 20/02/2023 and lasts until the number of students provided by the Regulation of Studies is completed.

You will see detailed information on the website

Chlomoudis Konstantinos

Director of the MSc “Port Management & Coastal Economy”

Professor of the Department of Maritime Studies

University Of Piraeus

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