The 6th cycle of Commemorative Events of Asia Minor, with the general title “Salute to Asia Minor” organized by ESTIA of Nea Smyrni this September to honor the history and memories of our ancestors.

Sunday, September 10, 2023 at 09:00

The ESTIA of Nea Smyrna honours the memory of the National Martyr Saint Chrysostomos of Smyrna with the following events:

9.00 a.m., Ecclesiasticism – Divine Liturgy at the Metropolitan Church of St. Fotini of Smyrna.

11.00 a.m., Laying of a wreath at the statue of St. Chrysostomos, in the Garden of Remembrance

Followed by refreshments in the Entrance Hall of the ESTIA building

Wednesday 13 September 2023 at 19:00

ESTIA Nea Smyrni invites you to the presentation of the book by Pavlos Hadjimoyssis: 100 YEARS OF BIBLIOGRAPHY ON THE ASIA MINOR DISASTER AND PROSPECTIVE ISSUE 1919-2016 (ESTIA Nea Smyrni. 3 volumes. Militos Publications, Athens. 2021-2022)

The book was published by ESTIA Nea Smyrni, in support of the “MARIA KARATZOPOULOU” Endowment.

The book will be presented by the speakers:

Paschalis Kitromilidis, Academician, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration of the University of Athens.

Vasiliki Sirinidou, Professor of the History of Modern Hellenism at the University of Athens,

Pantelis Boukalas, Journalist, Author.

Monday 18 September 2023 at 19.00

The ESTIA Nea Smyrni invites you to the screening of the film “Wild Greens” on the Asia Minor Catastrophe.

It is an artistic creation of the inclusive-pedagogical group “The Dreamers” (a group consisting of students, graduates and teachers of Special and Formal Education and Education) and Katerina Evaggelakou.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe and with the help of archival material, the testimonies of refugees come to life again through the voices of the “Dreamers” and in conversation with the letters of George Horton, the American Consul General of Smyrna.

The stage direction is by Katerina Evaggelakou, the music by Stavroula Zorzou and the text composition by Marina Myrtalis.

The event will be accompanied by the great performer of traditional singing Katie Koullia and the musicians:  George Makra on guitar, Georgia Marini on violin and Angelica Papanikolaou on accordion.

The group “The words of silence” will also participate with singing in sign language.

Wednesday 20 September 2023 at 19:00

The ESTIA Nea Smyrni illuminates the unknown history of the refugees and the forgotten drama of the uprooted from Pontus and Asia Minor with the speech of Mr. Theofilos Kastanidis – President of the association “ARGONAUTS – COMNINI” on the topic:

“The Plague Purgatory of Makronissos (1922-1923).

“The silence of the hospital of 1922-1922 (1922-1922), which was closed by the hospital of the University of Cilicia, in the area of the “Cilicia Clinic of the Monastery of the Monastery of Municipalities of 1922-1922”.

– The event will be attended by the dance group of the Pontian Association “ARGONAUTS – KOMNINI” with Constantine Savvinidis as dance master.

Saturday 23 September 2023 at 11:00

Guided tour of the collections of the ESTIAS Museums and

Documentary screening

As part of the anniversary commemorative events “Salute to Asia Minor!” a guided tour of the Museums of the ESTIAS of Nea Smyrna by Mrs. Themida Papadopoulou.

The documentary will be screened during the tour:

– “Letters Without Recipient”, a historical documentary by IDISME based on the Chronicle of the Ten Days of Agapi Molyviati – Venezi, which describes the effort of a Turkish officer to save her brother Elias Venezi from the death squads in 1922.

Edited by Irini Sarioglou | Directed by: Ilias Demetriou | Music: Evanthia Reboutsika

Participation is required through the ESTIA Secretariat.

Contact hours: Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 15:00

Phone: 210 9333702 & 210 9330274

Wednesday 27 September 2023 at 19:00

ESTIA Nea Smyrni invites you to the lecture by Mr. Vangelis Pappas, Visual Artist – Author, on the topic: “The painter Theophilos – From Lesbos to Smyrna”.

The lost works of a great creator of Greek art, through testimonies and historical research.

Saturday 30 September 2023 at 20.00

The ESTIA of Nea Smyrna

invites you to the theatrical performance entitled


by the Theatre Group of the Association of Asia Minor of Elefsina

In the enchanting Princes’ Islands, in the mansion of the Iasonidis family, a sudden, powerful storm disturbs, in the worst way, the tranquility of the house. The momentary blackout that ensues confronts Police Inspector Mustafa Karadeniz, the family, as well as the invited and “uninvited” guests, with an unsolvable mystery. Will the Inspector, together with his assistant, Farillet Nazli, manage to solve it before more… murders take place?


Theatrical adaptation, Direction, Music supervision. Efstratiadis Thodoris

Set Design – Costumes: Vlachopoulou Nadia

Set Construction: Wood Creations Beleka-Contou

(The performance was created in the framework of the 2023 Elefsina European Capital of Culture, produced by the 2023 ECOC)


The events take place in the hall

“Panos Chaldezos”

ESTIA Hall of Nea Smyrni,

1 Konstantinos Palaeologos, 171 21

Nea Smyrni, Tel. 210 9333 702 – 210 9330 274,

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