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Tales of Asia Minor
History in its sources

The Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation offers a series of audio tales, which aim to bring listeners in contact with the folklore tradition of Anatolia, as it was conveyed through the historical source of the Anatolia Chronicles. The Anatolia Chronicles, after all, constitute the first systematic recording of traditions from Anatolia, almost immediately after the Catastrophe.

The stories owe much of their charm to the narrators. The well-known storyteller and pioneer of neo-narrative Sasha Voulgari, the versatile director and actor Kostas Gakis and the visual artist and storyteller Kalliopi Liadi are the artists who will narrate in their own unique way tales that they themselves have chosen from the Anatolia Chronicles.

The narratives will be available to the public free of charge. In order to receive the information about their release, as well as the digitized fairy tales in their e-mail, please fill in the registration form:

On the occasion of the centenary of the Anatolia Catastrophe, the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation is proceeding with the digitization of the entire series of the Anatolia Chronicles, a large part of which is treasured in its Historical Library. The material is being completed in cooperation with the Association of Smyrna and will soon be available free of charge and in its entirety through the special website of the Foundation’s digital archives.

Caption attached: Storyteller in a café in Istanbul. Source. Travelogues