The exhibition “100 Drawings – 100 Years of Memory”, which, along with its anniversary character, has a strong social impact, is presented by the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the Mayor’s Office for Intermunicipal Cooperation and Hellenism Abroad and the Municipal Art Gallery in collaboration with the Danish artist Hanne Moth.

The exhibition, which is part of the commemorative events for the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe, will be hosted in the foyer of the Municipal Hall from 4 to 25 November. Its opening took place on Friday 4 November, at 7.00 pm.

The artworks signed by Hanne Moth depict memories of Asia Minor before 1922, memories of the Asia Minor Catastrophe and the reception and integration of refugees in Greece. All proceeds from the sale of the works will be donated to support the Municipal Infant Hospital “Agios Stylianos”. The purchase and registration of the works is done by depositing the consideration in the bank account of the nursery with the title “Support for the nursery with project number X”.

A few words about the exhibition

Hanne Moth depicts with her particular style images of an era that marked modern Greek history, scenes of Asia Minor, before 1922, of the Asia Minor Catastrophe, of the reception and integration of refugees in Greece.

She creates her line drawings using black ink pens on paper for wrapping fragile objects (silk paper), which she collected and preserved – after using it – as packing material during her personal travels to the countries of her residence.

This is her symbolic reference to the concept of ‘transport’ and ‘movement’.

She comments: “The use of the silk paper gives a personal tone to the expression and emotional weight, as its reuse now reminds me of all the times I have moved, to reside from country to country. This connection between the paper and my own movements captures the thread of connection with the migrants who travelled from their homes to another country, and this means that in the process of creating the work I immersed myself, deeply, in the hardships, discomfort and uncertainty that the migrants themselves had experienced.”

In their rendering, the white and black abstract and geometric shapes are disciplined and perhaps a little harsh. They contrast sharply with the fragile material of the paper on which they are painted.

The pencil encloses a contrast, it is strong, yet soft at the same time. And while the drawings are drawn with mathematical precision, they also include elements of free rendering, organic and figurative patterns that contribute to the contrast, counterbalancing the geometricity of the expression.

In rhythm, too, there is variety. The continuous straight line is interrupted by lines of different dimensions and often with the introduction of incompatible lines or shapes in the form of the bubble. The intensity of the pen pressure is similarly varied. In this way, the lines acquire different densities.

Moth’s work has a personal and unique character. Images are simple, faces without features, landscapes without chatter. Apt conciseness, sensitivity of line, precision of tone serve the representational intention and, above all, emotional exaltation.

Biography of the artist

Hanne Moth is a Danish visual artist. She studied at SPEKTRUM Art School, Copenhagen (2011-2013). She has held solo exhibitions, participated in group and art projects in Europe, Africa and Asia since 2001 and until today. In recent years her place of residence has been Thessaloniki.

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