Title: English- language MSc in Public Health and Maritime Transport

Scientific Disciplines:
Health & Maritime Studies

University of Thessaly


4 semesters


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The MSc in Public Health and Maritime Transport aims to provide students with the skills needed for a career in public health, epidemiology, occupational health and environmental health, while also focusing on the practical application of these skills in the context of maritime transport.

This MSc is ideal for those who choose to pursue a career in the public health and related sectors, as well as those who currently work or plan to work in the maritime sector. In addition, after their thorough and based on the most up-to-date bibliographic data education, graduates will be ready for postgraduate studies at PhD level if they wish. The course is suited to students with both medical and non-medical backgrounds (environment, biology, hygiene, chemistry, engineering food safety etc.) who intend to develop their research and technical professional skills.

The teaching staff providing course lectures are recognized leaders in academic fields of applied epidemiology, public health, environmental health and hygiene, chronic and infectious diseases, maritime health, health economics, occupational health including seafarers, human resources management and shipping economics. Guest lecturers include public health professionals with practical experience in maritime public health aspects. Teaching staff from seven universities in Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Norway and Sweden will form the core base of tutors for this course.

The Postgraduate Program “Public Health and Maritime Transport” is structured in four (4) academic semesters (full-time), which include courses and research work with a postgraduate research project with a master’s thesis or applied project with a master’s thesis.

The total number of credits (ECTS) required to obtain the Postgraduate Diploma is one hundred and twenty (120) ECTS.

The courses of the MSc will be conducted in English.

Application open for 2023/2024. Apply here: https://mscpublichealthmaritime.med.uth.gr/

Brochure: https://mscpublichealthmaritime.med.uth.gr/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/brochure.pdf